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Do you have an engine that needs rebuilding or reconditioning?

We are Australia's largest engine rebuilders and re-conditioners specialising in US & European heavy diesel engines. Our team of highly skilled in-house mechanics will have your engine running better than ever!


Brands we most regularly rebuild include Caterpillar, Cummins, DAF, Detroit, Iveco, MACK, MAN, Mercedes, Perkins, Scania, & Volvo. 

Our team of specialist diesel mechanics build in excess of 200 diesel engines each year for our own inventory and to customer specification. Our family has been serving the diesel engine industry for more than 50-years and across three generations. Over that time we have amassed a team of specialists, considerable experience, and expertise that gives our customers the confidence and peace-of-mind that they are dealing professionals who know what they are doing and will do the job the right way.

Too often do people learn the hard way, getting rebuilds done with a one-man band who may build a few engines a year at most, lacking both expertise and resources. Our rebuilding capabilities are unique and we have a proven track record that is second-to-none.

We have rebuilt literally thousands of engines for our customers, from small owner-operators to Australia's leading private operators, fleets and ASX-listed companies. 


We also deal in trade-ins, swaps and will consider part payment through trade of your current engine. 

Through our tailored service we will work with you to find a solution that is within your requirements and budget.

We can use a range of new and used, OEM and non-OEM quality parts to suit your comfort and situation.


Our team of experts can guide you through these decisions and provide you with the benefits and costs on a range of options.


Contact us with your rebuild or reconditioning enquiry to start a discussion. 

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  • SpecialistsWe have a team of in-house experienced specialist diesel mechanics who build engines day-in, day-out. This is not our first rodeo! 

    This sets us apart from those whose primary business is in wrecking, fitting or general maintenance space.

    By specialising, having scale, and a team of experts in-house we are able to excel in delivering a quality service in a cost and time effective manner. 


  • Peace of mind - Our family has been in the reconditioning industry for more than 50-years and across three generations.

    Deal with professionals who have endured the test of time and will be around tomorrow to support you!


  • Track record of success - We have a proven track record of success with thousands of happy customers and Australia's leading operators and fleets. 

    We are trusted by Australia's leading transport operators. 


  • Guarantee - A 12-month manufacturer's warranty applies on all parts installed. We offer a 6-month unlimited kilometre and unlimited hours guarantee on rebuild work on the long motor.

    The difference with an Alldiesels guarantee as opposed to a smaller rebuilder who may promise the world is that we have the operations, track record and resources to back and honour our guarantees. 

  • Flexibility - We can tailor your rebuild to suit your budget and requirements. 

    We understand that everyone uses their equipment differently, we will rebuild to suit your needs.


  • Transparency - We will provide you with a written upfront quote on the cost and scope of the work.



There is no fixed answer to the cost of a rebuild as one of the things we have learnt with our decades of experience is that everyone’s situation is slightly different. What we can say is that we have helped literally thousands of Australians get moving again.

At our purpose built facility, we can rebuild anything from smaller 4 and 6 cylinder diesel engines through to 100 litre+ powerhouses!

The first thing we need to do is understand your situation and what problem it is you are trying to fix. The best place to start is to fill out the form below or give us a call to help us understand your circumstances. We can then provide you with a range of options to suit your needs and budget.


If you are looking to finance your purchase or part or all of our services then it is important to speak with finance specialists who understand the scope of the work.


We can help refer you to finance specialists who can assist you in putting together a finance package that suits your needs.


Each engine rebuild process is different and subject to your requirements.

Prior to carrying out work on your engine we will provide you with a detailed quote and scope of work. 


The following is an overview of what your engine rebuild process may look like:

  • Exterior and interior inspection.

  • The engine is completely stripped, the block is inspected, acid bathed and cleaned.

  • The block, crank and head are inspected and machined.

  • Once the block and crank return, new piston/liner kits and bearings are installed (mains, big ends, cam and thrust, rear main, front thrust)

  • Reconditioned cylinder head (complete with new valves, springs, guides, seals)

  • Motors accessories (starter motor, alternator, compressor, pulleys, hoses, clamps etc) replaced

  • New camshaft and Lifters

  • New injectors installed

  • New turbocharger

  • New water pump and thermostats

  • New oil pump.

  • New fuel lift pump

  • New oil cooler

  • Full upper VRS and lower gasket and seal kits installed

  • Flywheel machined and new spigot bearing installed

  • Fuel injection pump stripped and inspected.

  • Fuel pump with with new elements/plungers, gasket and seal kit, re-calibrated and bench tested.

  • Major pump components such as camshaft & governor inspected and replaced.

  • All of your motor’s “bolt on accessories” are refitted

  • Motor set up on dyno and run in under load ensuring oil pressure, turbo boost, water temps (top and bottom monitoring thermostat opening and engine recovering correctly), exhaust temps, smoke condition, oil/fuel/water leaks and breathing condition are all within correct running parameters

  • Motor is thoroughly washed and painted in colour of your choice


The program, cost and timetable to rebuild your motor will be quoted to you and you will be supplied with 6 months warranty on the long motor and 12 months manufacturer’s warranty on parts installed.

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